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Albright IP is a firm of expert qualified British and European design attorneys. We aim to provide you with all the guidance and advice that you require to obtain strong design rights in a cost-effective manner.


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We represent our clients before the UK Designs Registry at the UK Intellectual Property Office ( called the UKIPO ), and the European Community Designs Registry ( called OHIM ).

We can also arrange design filings through our effective and cost-effective overseas associates throughout the world.

Albright IP are able to advise on any area of design law, including:

  • Registrability - advising on European designs and UK designs
  • Searching
  • Design filing - preparing and filing designs in the UK and Europe
  • Validity
  • Infringement
  • Revocation
  • Licences and assignments and recordal.

Design Overview

Designs protect the appearance or shape of a product. In particular, a UK Registered Design or Community Design protects the appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or materials of the product or its ornamentation. There can be some overlap with Trademark registration, and we can advise you of the pros and cons in this regard.

The Value of Design Registration

A registered design is a very useful tool for protecting new design features, which make your products differ to those of your competitors.

If your business relies on attracting customers by virtue of attractive or distinctive design, then it makes good sense to protect your designs by design registration. By registering the appearance of a design, you can monopolise, inter alia, its manufacture, use, distribution and sale for a period of up to 25 years, ensuring that your position in the marketplace is secure.

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